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Executive Manager Project Message

Over the last 45 years, Al-Sadiq Company has established an exceptional reputation in Saudi Arabia. Safety, Quality, Timely Completion and Commitment facilitated Al-Sadiq to strengthen its position in the construction industry across the kingdom. It is achieved through a set of processes and procedures that ensure excellent results. With the help of its dedicated and skilled manpower from various nationalities, its proven track records not only show that we follow international standards but also committed to provide our clients with the suitable solutions and services needed with utmost fulfillment.

Through continuous development of our Human Resources, acquisition of the latest Technologies, strong adherence to Quality and Safety standards, concur with latest project management methodologies and by adopting modern best practices, Al-Sadiq desires to grow and strengthen its established reputation among its clientele.

On behalf of Al-Sadiq Group, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all our clients and partners for their full trust and endless support through all these long years. My team is looking forward to complete more projects and reach historical milestones with you.

Oommen Samuel