CEO Message


"As CEO, I would like to take the opportunity to share a few thoughts. HKSS rolls up its sleeves and works collaboratively with its Client Partners to deliver the best value possible. Our Mission is to “be a Solution-Focused Partner, and to use our expertise and innovation to follow trends, and thus to plan and build facilities that will provide our clients with the highest quality satisfaction." Our reward is the confidence of our clients.

Our evidence is continued business from satisfied customers. All of us at HKSS are proud of our continued success as one of the fastest growing technology Based EPC Contractor in the nation. This accomplishment is shared with the entire HKSS team who are responsible for consistently delivering results.

The HKSS team is committed to our basic philosophy of how we do business and the core values we practice every day as people. Quality in who we are as frontrunners, what we produce in the way of results, and how we go about working with our Clients is at the center of these values. By upholding and living true to these core values, we have thrived hard even in this competitive world to become one of the leading EPC Contractors in the region"